Instagram House; How I’m Infusing Style while being Genuine to the Story of my Home

I recently moved into a 3 bedroom house. The first thing I did was paint. Every room and every thing was done in the dreaded Magnolia, and a mid Grey. I couldn’t even think about what I might do other than get rid of those dingy, dirty-looking but not dirty walls. I’m only mid-way throughContinue reading “Instagram House; How I’m Infusing Style while being Genuine to the Story of my Home”

My Philosophies on the Architecture of Interiors

I have a bit of a vision crossover, mixing Fashion into my approach to Interior and Design. I don’t see Architecture just as buildings, but reminiscent of lifestyle. It describes something between the way you live and why it suits you. This year I got my degree in Interior Architecture. Along the way, I realisedContinue reading “My Philosophies on the Architecture of Interiors”

3 Ways to Rearrange & Maximise Profit on Rental Studio Apartments

Last year tiny houses were all the rage, people were downsizing to save costs but not compromising on a sleek finish. Whether you’re a landlord or renovating your own studio, I have some key pointers for you to get a clean and sophisticated look in a small space. You have to remember this is someone’sContinue reading “3 Ways to Rearrange & Maximise Profit on Rental Studio Apartments”

Which suits you best? City vs Country for Introverts & Individuals

After spending the last four nights camping in South Devon, I declare myself initiated in the sport of white van driving. In between the concentration anxiety of approaching blind corners like some kind of avalanche slalom race, I somehow managed to contemplate the pros and cons of living in the country versus the city.