Do you need to be Creative to be a Digital Marketer

So, what does being a Digital Marketer entail? If you thought being good at social media was it, I’m about to bring your balloon way down. Sorry🎈💔 No helium around here! Be willing to get it wrong Reassess your definition of creativity Make room for the simple & traditional Exercise your ability to tell aContinue reading “Do you need to be Creative to be a Digital Marketer”

My Philosophies on the Architecture of Interiors

I have a bit of a vision crossover, mixing Fashion into my approach to Interior and Design. I don’t see Architecture just as buildings, but reminiscent of lifestyle. It describes something between the way you live and why it suits you. This year I got my degree in Interior Architecture. Along the way, I realisedContinue reading “My Philosophies on the Architecture of Interiors”