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Daisy Burns-O'Keefe smiling with an open visual communication moodboard open in front of her

This blog is named after the place I was born, at home on a sunday morning. To me, it represents community, story and embracing individual creative process.

It’s Our Inner Avenue.

Daisy Burns-O'Keefe's visual communication moodboard

Interior Styling

Southbank Center London

Lifestyle Design

Digital Culture

by Daisy Burns-O’Keefe

I’m 28, and from Southampton UK. When I was younger I wanted to be loads of things, separately. Mostly they were because I saw them in films and thought the lifestyle looked pleasing – notably Bruce Willis in The Kid.

I got my Degree in Interior Architecture in Bristol, where I lived for 7 years. Two of those spent mostly rescuing my cat Jupiter. Now I’m a Digital Marketing Coordinator at a creative design & marketing agency.

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