1920’s Design, Where Culture and Style became Art Deco

I was born in Southampton. For anyone that didn’t already know it’s not be known for much other than cruise ships; the Titanic Museum at a push. But that culture in turn harnessed an abundance of architectural styles in homes across the City. From Modernist listed estates to Collins’ houses, the Art Deco influence isContinue reading “1920’s Design, Where Culture and Style became Art Deco”

VLOG: Get Ready with Me

COVID-19 created a funny year for everyone, I graduated and wound up as a Live In Carer. I work a full week at a time, so I like to prep a bit to leave – that’s physically and mentally. I thought it’d be fun to change up the content delivery and make a video instead.Continue reading “VLOG: Get Ready with Me”

Which suits you best? City vs Country for Introverts & Individuals

After spending the last four nights camping in South Devon, I declare myself initiated in the sport of white van driving. In between the concentration anxiety of approaching blind corners like some kind of avalanche slalom race, I somehow managed to contemplate the pros and cons of living in the country versus the city.