Which suits you best? City vs Country for Introverts & Individuals

After spending the last four nights camping in South Devon, I declare myself initiated in the sport of white van driving. In between the concentration anxiety of approaching blind corners like some kind of avalanche slalom race, I somehow managed to contemplate the pros and cons of living in the country versus the city.

Why Instagram is alike to a City Grid and a Plan to Direct it

Lets dive deep. … Layout A lot like Urban Planning, you have the land but we need structure and strategy, which is why I like to think of Instagram as a little City. Your grid is your wider profile, like a glance in the street. While scrolling over and through your posts, interaction weaves anContinue reading “Why Instagram is alike to a City Grid and a Plan to Direct it”

How Evaluation aids us in Self-Improvement

In Architectural study we are consistently assessed on our ability to present our ideas, externalising the internal. Sometimes they’re a mere scribble on a page, a disorganised thought, formless and immaterial even to words and gestures. Communication drives. The desire to create something meaningful is fuelled not necessarily by the best image but through aContinue reading “How Evaluation aids us in Self-Improvement”