Sustainble Swimwear – 15 Minimal Brands You Need to Know About in 2022 [independent only]

I don’t want crazy patterns from whichever surf brand that I could find selling recycled bikini’s OR weird cuts and boring bottoms. If you thought finding a summer bikini or swimsuit that’s ALL three things was just way too hard, expensive and time consuming – I’ve got you. I’ve even surprised myself as a fellowContinue reading “Sustainble Swimwear – 15 Minimal Brands You Need to Know About in 2022 [independent only]”

Do you need to be Creative to be a Digital Marketer

So, what does being a Digital Marketer entail? If you thought being good at social media was it, I’m about to bring your balloon way down. Sorry🎈💔 No helium around here! Be willing to get it wrong Reassess your definition of creativity Make room for the simple & traditional Exercise your ability to tell aContinue reading “Do you need to be Creative to be a Digital Marketer”

How To Rethink your Existing Furniture in a New Home

I had pipedreams for my first rented home to make it big in the highly saturated world of Instagram Interiors. I carefully considered the colours of the furnishings I bought, while scouring Gumtree for a bargain. It didn’t take long before the reality of the house never looking like an Instagram paradise everyday, hit. WhileContinue reading “How To Rethink your Existing Furniture in a New Home”

What to expect from an Interior Architecture degree

What is Interior Architecture? Part of the built environment, Interior Architecture examines, encourages and challenges designers to rethink the way spaces become environments both past and present, as users physically and emotionally interact with them. Interior Architects show elements of emotional communication and intelligence, as Interior Architecture deals with both existing spaces and the wayContinue reading “What to expect from an Interior Architecture degree”

How I became a Digital Marketer

My ‘thing’ has been the concept of ‘Home’ since 2016. And no, I didn’t immediately want to go into the obvious career that is Interior Design – I mean, I enjoy it but it’s not my final resting place. Studying Interior Architecture made me look at things in a different way, even the degree itself.Continue reading “How I became a Digital Marketer”

Marketing Sustainability on Social Media; 5 Tips on How to Post

Maybe this is obvious. Maybe it’s me… But are we or are we not re-learning how to socialise via the internet? Our interactions have STATS. Our grid isn’t just pretty pictures, it’s pulling threads for conversations with more people than we’ve ever reached…. even before mobile phones were complete with 5ft antenna 🐝 Digital MarketingContinue reading “Marketing Sustainability on Social Media; 5 Tips on How to Post”

Instagram House; How I’m Infusing Style while being Genuine to the Story of my Home

I recently moved into a 3 bedroom house. The first thing I did was paint. Every room and every thing was done in the dreaded Magnolia, and a mid Grey. I couldn’t even think about what I might do other than get rid of those dingy, dirty-looking but not dirty walls. I’m only mid-way throughContinue reading “Instagram House; How I’m Infusing Style while being Genuine to the Story of my Home”

Tips for a 5 Star Airbnb Listing

So here’s a funny story to get us going. I kind of fell into getting to know AirBnb. I’d first heard about it in 2015 when I first went travelling and people I met were using it to find places to stay. Meanwhile me and my boyfriend at the time were dotting around something similarContinue reading “Tips for a 5 Star Airbnb Listing”

How To Build Skills and Experience as a Creative Graduate (free download my graduate CV)

Before my actual finished Degree, I started a Degree in Drawing and Print. Different subject, different year. Selling yourself was a specific module for us, and our education on being a creative within the Arts and Design world is a skill that will get you far.

1920’s Design, Where Culture and Style became Art Deco

I was born in Southampton. For anyone that didn’t already know it’s not be known for much other than cruise ships; the Titanic Museum at a push. But that culture in turn harnessed an abundance of architectural styles in homes across the City. From Modernist listed estates to Collins’ houses, the Art Deco influence isContinue reading “1920’s Design, Where Culture and Style became Art Deco”