Do you need to be Creative to be a Digital Marketer

So, what does being a Digital Marketer entail? If you thought being good at social media was it, I’m about to bring your balloon way down.

Sorry🎈💔 No helium around here!

  1. Be willing to get it wrong
  2. Reassess your definition of creativity
  3. Make room for the simple & traditional
  4. Exercise your ability to tell a story
  5. Work to your strengths
  6. Think outside the ‘box’

First, let’s broaden your idea of creativity.

What does it really mean to be creative? 🎨

It’s not just being able to physically paint or draw. It’s a verb. You do something creatively, or with creativity. To me, that means with thought and passion.

January Photography Workshop on Southampton Common

Being creative is about being willing to learn every time you practice your craft, to adapt with the cold hard facts others will present to you in a sometimes clinical manner, and to take those outside opinions into consideration – but not necessarily letting them rule…

As well as having an eye for detail.

The Design Chapel Southampton Exterior

Sometimes simple or even traditional, holds its place. 💒

When I first started my job, I was tasked with creating a digital presence for our co-working space – The Design Chapel. But staring us right at the front door was a lack of announcement. Nobody knew we were there. So I turned the question into the right question.

How do we stand in someone else’s shoes? Why don’t they know we’re here?

We were in a prime spot for WFH walkers… with nothing to say who we are or what we do. Everyone remained walking straight past thinking it was very much empty!

What was my first solution? A simple ‘A’ frame poster board.

The Design Chapel, Southampton

Can you tell a story? 🌪️

A huge part of marketing is being able to give a story, like painting a picture. Whether it’s visually, verbally or otherwise, people are people. We’re infinitely nosey and we need a reason to take an interest in something.

Back to The Design Chapel example… If you’re given an empty space to promote, suddenly a picture communicates a thousand words. As a Digital Marketer you have to take ownership and set intention in that picture you’re creating.

You can’t say, “hey we’re an empty coworking space, meet your future tribesmen here”. Tell people what they’re seeing – an inspiring space that’s about to raise the roof on your productivity and weekday wellbeing.

Content marketing using Canva

Are you thinking inside or outside the box? 📬

And I don’t just mean the brain box, I also mean the office box. To be a good digital marketing professional, you have to be alert and online. To excell, you have to go beyond the expected knowledge and qualifications.

Your role is to know what’s going on in the digital world that your company can utilise to make money, save time and grow as a result. People will look to you for ideas and execution, whether you delegate or go DIY.

I was surprised that the same tools an avid internet user might learn as hobbies, can be the same a digital marketing professional also holds close. Take Canva for instance. It’s not about what you use, it’s how you use it!

Words are a tool too✏️

Pun, anyone?

Whether you’re business minded or the wordsmith of the office, play to your strengths. Digital marketing requires at least an understanding and application of a range of tools – even if you’re only the master of one.

When my colleagues first realised I had a knack for writing, it was because I volunteered to write. I took something vague and spread out, and wrote it into a targeted and clear narrative – with the right amount of friendly humour for our brand. Now I also write copy for a regional UK estate agency Instagram as part of every day as a Digital Marketer.

If you’re wondering who wrote this, and how do they have any authority to write about whether you have to be creative to be a digital marketer…

I’m Daisy, and I’ve studied a lot of areas, over a lot of years across the visual art discipline, before getting my BA in Interior Architecture and securing a legitimate career as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. I continue to work and learn as an apprentice in the UK with 3 Men Squared Ltd.

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