How I became a Digital Marketer

My ‘thing’ has been the concept of ‘Home’ since 2016. And no, I didn’t immediately want to go into the obvious career that is Interior Design – I mean, I enjoy it but it’s not my final resting place.

Studying Interior Architecture made me look at things in a different way, even the degree itself. But before I even went to university, I travelled, (had a raging battle with anxiety) then began working for a cleaning start-up before I took what I saw and started working on my own.

Guess what… I did that through Marketing. I just hadn’t realised it yet.

Find your Limitations 🛑🚦

One thing you should know about me is, I’m very self-aware. Over my three years at uni, I learnt that my lack of confidence isn’t in being able to come up with ideas – I could wind words to nearly anything and writing has always been a strength. My issue is in my own flexibility; patience to develop my ideas. People will notice your strengths, and they tend to push you… I personally, I really don’t like that feeling. In a sense I’d say I’m less creative now than when I started my degree, my attention span is burnt out.

It’s Perception

As I hinted already, the feeling of having to prove yourself is a big turn off for me. I’d rather be motivated by will, passion and inspiration. Now, I’d say that’s how you get things done – but my boyfriend literally shoved me to apply for jobs after uni, and feeling my least confident, I was compromising in all 3 areas.

It didnt work that well, but it did help inspire me after to take responsibility for my lack of passionate action. I was hoping something would come along that would spark my interest, and it would just feel like the ideal job for me… but that just didn’t happen without me acting on getting a job. I spent a few months telling myself I was trying because I was doing some online learning, but I was really just distracting myself from committing. Honestly, the fear my boyfriend would leave me for being an unmotivated slob was the real reason I pulled my socks up.

I hated the interview process, especially for digital marketing. I felt massively uncomfortable doing video pre-screenings and recruiter phonecalls, and if someone had told me that would be part of the process beforehand, I probably would have run from the idea altogether.

My Favourite Parts of my Job so far 💭

I enjoy taking stock of people’s brand, or what I now call an “offering”, and what they took action on. Having that separation makes reworking a business to work digitally whether it’s a website, an ad or an idea for a blog post much easier. It turns out I get off on information!

I find words endlessly fascinating, so specifically I like tasks that involve SEO optimisation and being able to see what people search for, then rewinding that into work. I also enjoy small content jobs but the moment when I’ll be project managing a team of photographers and designers scares me a bit!

My favourite clients are probably going to be edging on middle-aged business owners but I also work with global clients with middle-man companies on our clients’ behalfs.

Take Action on Things you Enjoy

I would never ever have been able to write out my own story up to now, but my late-twenties self says “learn to move with the tides”. I didn’t even know what digital marketing was when I was first at university at 18/19, and I certainly wasn’t paving my path toward a career in digital marketing. Sometimes I do feel tired after 40 hours a week at a desk and in front of a computer, but it’s challenging me in a different way than struggling to make ends meet with cleaning and caring, even if I did feel perhpas more fulfilled and free doing that… in my own way.

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