Instagram House; How I’m Infusing Style while being Genuine to the Story of my Home

I recently moved into a 3 bedroom house. The first thing I did was paint. Every room and every thing was done in the dreaded Magnolia, and a mid Grey. I couldn’t even think about what I might do other than get rid of those dingy, dirty-looking but not dirty walls.

I’m only mid-way through painting everywhere at this point, and its not all white – but it’s considerably easier to detect any features of your home when it’s a blank canvas. Everyone that has seen it so far from a before and after perspective immediately notice how much lighter, brighter, and more spacious everywhere looks.

If you read my Art Deco inspiration post, you’ll be as thrilled as I am that the house is somewhere between 1920’s style – 1945 built (I’m not sure as it is a post-war extension to a larger house). I actually just noticed that while writing this post, and I’m so hyped up about it. There are some absolutely obvious standout features here, like the curved glass-panel doorway to the garden. Someone should be held accountable for painting this lovely solid wood shelf unit with A) grey and B) matt paint meant for walls, because that wasn’t me!

Digital & Print

I recently posted a Reel on my Instagram showing my Interiors scrapbook. I love looking through it, even though it’s not finished and it’s now about 5 years old. It’s full of bits I’d cut out of both Interiors and Fashion magazines, merged together, and made them into editorial type pages to craft my own ideas about style, living and meaning.

When it finally came down to being my turn to decorate a house, I pulled inspiration from loads of things, but when I really think about it – it wasn’t about creating a particular look, it was about reflecting something genuine about me and something of the house to create our story. I think we, or I at least, want to see something of ourselves in our homes. Its like a conversation that seems non-reciprocal, except it is. We communicate with our home through the things we choose to put in them, that allow them to speak.

A Note On Style

To me, Style has a depth to it. It’s not just about finding things you like or copying others’ ideas – it’s figuring out how you want your life to feel. Style shouldn’t dictate how we should live, but it can influence our behaviours. For instance, if you have children and paint everything white, that’s probably asking for trouble!

I love finding ways that my personal fashion style and home come together, then I can really see what My Style looks like. To me, that’s what Interior Design is – the story of your inner world, dressing it up as a visual and tangible thing for other people to marvel at. It’s like a super power.

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