Tips for a 5 Star Airbnb Listing

So here’s a funny story to get us going. I kind of fell into getting to know AirBnb. I’d first heard about it in 2015 when I first went travelling and people I met were using it to find places to stay. Meanwhile me and my boyfriend at the time were dotting around something similar but different called a “homestay”. Long story short he was probably getting electrocuted in the house with the Cow in the garden while they were tucked up not being eaten my mosquitos.

Cut to the chase with the list:

  • Copywriting – Think like a guest
  • Photography – Do your place justice
  • Airbnb App – Utilise all the features available
  • Concierge – Don’t fall flat, ensure a fool-proof handover
  • Linen – Loose the white towels!

Think Like a Guest

It may be a very familiar place to you but you need to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.

If you have a secondary family space, with an en-suite and bedroom on the same floor – that is something you should be marketing.

Imagine you’re part of a two-family holiday and you would dive at the chance to relax somewhere away from the other family, just for five minutes without having to completely leave the house. What are the unique points in your property? Wind it into a story that’s so compelling, they won’t be able to not imagine themselves there.

Make Sure your Photos Do it Justice

The goal with your photo’s is to get the best idea of the space in the least amount of photos possible. One of the not-to-do’s of this is disorderly photos, people get confused if one minute they’re in your living room, then they’re upstairs, then they’re back downstairs. People are placing themselves in your space, they need to work out if they have enough space for a cot for instance; that’s something worth writing into your listing.

Utilise the Options Available

Airbnb has a really handy section where you can fill out all the details of your property, in turn making it much more searchable and quicker bookings made if they don’t have to clarify things beforehand. Another good feature provided is the ability to build up a guidebook on the app that’s instantly accessible to users, even if they aren’t staying with you, they may pull up your guidebook on a particular city and you become the face of reliability.

And onto the more ‘tangible’ tips…

Make Sure you Have a Fool-Proof Handover System

Whether you have guests staying for predominately short or long periods, you need to make sure the handover logistics are in place. You don’t want your leaving guest to run into your cleaner, or guests running into eachother and the cleaning isn’t done etc. Lockboxes are a great security method but you need to make sure the key is left inside, that the code is frequently changed and to make sure the person doing the changeover knows it.

Even if a company is managing your listing it’s still worth occasionally going 007 and going in as a guest

Loose the White Towel

People expect hotel standards with Airbnb now because it’s a profit making business for a lot of second home owners. The problem is, you never know what kind of mess your provisions are going to encounter. Yes, white looks clean and tidy but when it doesn’t it’s really obvious.

If you have a lot of linens then you’re probably going to be okay but it’s not worth the risk of a stained towel on arrival. There are plenty of colours to chose from that still look as tidy, you just have to match them to another colour already in your space if possible. Hand towels go without saying!

And that’s it!

All my tips come from actual experience and actual listings that I’ve come into contact with over the past 3 or 4 years, so I hope they’ll be useful for those focusing on getting their listings into shipshape before summer and travel arrives again.

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