How To Build Skills and Experience as a Creative Graduate (free download my graduate CV)

Let’s start with the facts. Being able to sell your skills in any concoction of the word is part of design. Whether relating to lifestyle, a first year student, or any other creative or even sales based ventures. Why would a Design Graduate be talking about that? On first inspection it might seem career advice is a straightened arrow. So, I’m here to tell you why building your work experience is relevant to the Interiors & Lifestyle topics of this blog.

Before my actual finished Degree, I started a Degree in Drawing and Print. Different subject, different year. Selling yourself was a specific module for us, and our education on being a creative within the Arts and Design world is a skill that will get you far.

If you’re crossing over from having done casual work into career based positions, also dress accordingly. You want them to know you take yourself seriously too

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As someone that sadistically enjoys silent competitions with myself I thought I’d relay the information from years of side jobs and interviews to give you my best wisdom in this area. Trust me, I’m nearly 28.

A. Lifetime.

Casual Work Experience

It’s easy to shrug off side jobs and part-time hours, especially if you’re a student already living a pretty comfortable life. The thing is, unless you’re already practiced at selling your skills, coming out with no experience in any job isn’t going to set a firm foundation or reputation for your ability to get along in a job. Yes, you should absolutely be confident but the real-world exposure, not only the world of work, but yourself in it will help you in the long run.

Make your experience relevant

And onto my final point. It’s up to you to tie up the loose ends of varied experiences you have, and to relate them for your potential employer or client to the role in question. Particularly if going into a creative role or job it’s good to be able to think on your feet or speak on your process, so start showcasing that skill from the get go.

Beat the Interview Questions

It took me a while to figure this out but interviews are your chance to show you know what the requirements of the job are, to gear your experience to meet them, and promote any other skills you can bring to the job. Interviews can’t straight up ask you specific questions and do the same for everyone else they talk to, so standardised questions are the fairest way.

However, they’re just a stepping stone for you to jump into your individual traits and why you’re the one for them!

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Before you go

There’s more than one way to pull up a chair

I really want to hone in on the fact that as a Creative you already have the skill to think outside the box. People are always going to question, challenge or expect you to present something uncomplicated -perhaps bland. Stay true to yourself while sculpting your unique skills to find your own work and create your own opportunities.

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