1920’s Design, Where Culture and Style became Art Deco

I was born in Southampton. For anyone that didn’t already know it’s not be known for much other than cruise ships; the Titanic Museum at a push. But that culture in turn harnessed an abundance of architectural styles in homes across the City. From Modernist listed estates to Collins’ houses, the Art Deco influence is one I’ve chosen to wittle down today.

Spotlight for Drama

Art Deco takes it influence from the rise of luxury aboard cruise liners. Softly curvacious or sharply angular like models, the structure in its bones has a flair for the dramatic. To start to attempt to harness this think flapper girl, costumes, elaborate headpieces and exotic luxury.

One feature absolutely explored is lighting. It’s not only where it is placed, but how it shouts with ornate detail into a space. The element of exoticism comes out here in the fan embossed and palm-like prints in this glass chandelier.

porcelain detailed chandelier light

Anything but simple.

art deco southampton

Junction of Architecture & Fashion Design

Just as there can be a subtlety through Style, there can be subtlety through Architecture. Whether you’re looking for ideas for an Interior project, or influencing your own fashion choices through an Interior Design confidence, it’s all about finding a balance. To nod at the facial features of Art Deco without going overboard and plastering them everywhere.

I love this skirt invisibly constructed by lots of triangles, because it reminds me a bit of the Chrysler Building. It represents the Art Deco style in its influence from construction and culture, encompassing how, when combined, the two influenced on-shore lifestyles to become more lavish and exaggerated. It’s in this way we can start to build up a mood for the era’s style.

Colour Clash

Neons and pastel green may not be your thing, particularly if you own or rent a property built around this time or in this style. It is achievable to avert from ‘all-out Miami‘. For those preferring a more muted and subdued version of this style, finer details lurk in the materials, furniture & fittings.


Think Violette_fr and channel the colour palette into your daily style. This doesn’t have to be taken in an Interior Design sense, you could just as easily take the feel for this and run with it into your own creative expression. A great influence for colour is Wes Anderson’s films.

Film & Industry

I’m not really a make-up person, per se. But I would comment that make-up changes the way we carry ourselves, and that in itself becomes a kind of wearable architecture. The way we style ourselves speaks of a time and our willingness the shapeshift and fit within its boundaries.

Now, in 2021 it is changing how we appear as a culture and what we class and value as creativity. It blurs the lines and softens features, in the same way that Art Deco embraced style being fun, and maybe a little foolish.

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