How Pinterest is Different to Instagram and Why to Use it to for Brand Marketing

The first time I ever used Pinterest was in 2000-something. I was referred to it by a friend who was an SEO expert. I thought it was the most boring, unengaging thing- and that was before people were taking off on Instagram.

Fast forward 3 years and I’m getting into pinning. Fast forward another 3, I’m having to utilise social platforms in education, aaand I’m hooked on Pinterest. But I’m here to disect it for you.

Learn to use this platform, and you’ll reach a different audience demographic to grow your brand or business.

Lets break this thing down.

Man in Bobble Chair
You, trying to keep tabs on all your social media channels simultaneously

The thing is, to a consumer Pinterest is a flood of visual stimulus. When it’s working well something that catches your eye and you can find it instantly by clicking through the pin.

With the right tools, it’s marketing in the palm of your hand.

Boards become a little collection of relevant other leads, and this is where the ability to categorise is important. Think of your boards as a collection. Hands operate both independently and in unison, while fingers have their unique titles. This is where community begins.

Well, What’s the Difference to Instagram?

Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine.

As you build a profile, your brand becomes part of a modern high-street, if you will.

Presence on Pinterest invites your audience to integrate your content into their ‘storefront’.

In the current circumstance of COVID-19, Pinterest has potential to curate a modernised high street experience unique to your brand. It differs to overcrowded platforms like Instagram, fostering a prolonged rate of consumption.

Think about it, an instant camera photo moment passes very quickly unless you pin it to a corkboard, for instance. It’s a better place to post evergreen links to your content, fuelled by visual appeal.

User Culture: Pinterest users are invested in time, in exchange for the generation of reliable content

Why is Pinterest for Branding & Business Different?

When we think specifically of Pinterest from the other side, it’s a strategic operation. We’re dressing the windows, enticing people in. On a broad note Pinterest has potential as part of a ‘modern consumer’ experience.

If you’re just pinning your own images with no engagement, or limiting your account to ‘inspirations’, be warned. You’re advertising other people’s content and directing the attention away from you! If you’re creating a personal account, that’s fine – but if you’re here the chances are you’re down for more than that. So, you need to be creating engaging visual content, but it doesn’t end with a pretty picture.

& On to Lead Generation

Whether your using Pinterest for branding, or personal, you need to be aware of where your pins direct people. There’s nothing more annoying for people than finding a great pin and seeing something they really like, only to find the link a) doesn’t go where they expect, or b) goes nowhere at all. People using Pinterest are visually organising things they find online, so you need to make that a reliable resource for them by keeping your pins up to date.

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