My Philosophies on the Architecture of Interiors

I have a bit of a vision crossover, mixing Fashion into my approach to Interior and Design. I don’t see Architecture just as buildings, but reminiscent of lifestyle. It describes something between the way you live and why it suits you.

This year I got my degree in Interior Architecture. Along the way, I realised I don’t love designing without real people.

I wanted to get to know people, situations, lifestyles; having a conversations. I wanted to be able to go out and consult, then come back, mindmap and dive into a materials library, take photos of my moodboards pinned up on corkboard walls, surrounded by tools for individuality.

As much as I love order, I’m a instinctual person, friends have described me, or my presence at least as ‘airy’.

My favourite film when I was younger was The Parent Trap. Partly for the beautiful Napa Valley Vineyard life complete with horse riding, but it all boiled down to Fashions representation in Lifestyle. The horse riding boots in one twins life, the flannel shirts, the cream cowboy hat. And lets not forget the London side. Matching Martin your butler whilst performing secret handshakes, impeccably coordinated wedding dress designer Mum as you cross Abbey Road.

Over the last five years or more, my personal philosophy for Interior has developed. When I think of it, to me it’s not just making things look pretty – It’s diving deep into what we truly desire and need. I think at its core, for me, its a mixture of routine, health and home environment. I like to look back, so recently I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve got to where I am, and where I want to go.

I love the idea of fashion as a living architecture – wearing our creativity. I came from a very creative background before my degree, and I feel like I’ve partly refined that but also lost some of that willingness to play. I admit it, I’m a perfectionist. Its slightly odd because I dress in a very uncomplicated way.

Before I went travelling in 2015, I threw out and donated nearly all of my clothes in exchange for a few, white, and varied cut garments. I paired back to materials, and their practicality. Suddenly the child who wore whatever they wanted had applied an architectural filter to the act of getting dressed. I have no middle ground. My look is either visibly taken time to get ready, or natural and honestly not taking time to get ready. If anything, I’m honest.

So thats my 2021 goal. More risk, less fear.

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