3 Ways to Rearrange & Maximise Profit on Rental Studio Apartments

Last year tiny houses were all the rage, people were downsizing to save costs but not compromising on a sleek finish. Whether you’re a landlord or renovating your own studio, I have some key pointers for you to get a clean and sophisticated look in a small space.

birds eye view of woman walking on concrete floor barefoot
Brittany Bathgate @ Refinery29

You have to remember this is someone’s living space, and that reflects on wellbeing

Fixtures, Furnishing, Fitting

First thing’s first.

Motivations will vary, but in small spaces detail is paramount. Fixtures, fittings and furnishings can make or break someones ability to see a studio space as home. I can almost guarantee going for a chic minimalist style will have people banging at the door, tempting quality over quantity.

Anakie, Tacoma + Moby. All accent chairs from MADE.co.uk

As a Landlord you may not be looking to offer a furnished space, but it would be a good idea to use Interior Staging to prompt creativity and market it successfully as such. However, the fittings and fixtures still apply, and going for this style can create the versatility you need to appeal to everyone.

If you want to incorporate colour

Neutral Light

Neutral Mid Tone

Neutral Dark


for A Set Space

One option is to go for a permanent space, with less multifunctional items there is less room for change. This could be a good option for short term as it would give the sense of stability the occupier might be looking for, and ease if it’s a space that is purely functional.

Its things like this that are worth thinking about. Who are you hoping to rent to? Or if its a home for you, are you more of a homebody – or a in-and-out type of person?

Arrangement for a Flexible Space

A flexible space would be more a long term solution – you might want to change things up, shift things around… or your tenant might. They’re probably more likely to stay on if they can refresh a small living space, it’s a bit like meditating for some of us. Choose things that could be multipurpose, stored smaller or moved.

white and grey toned marble kitchen with wood lumber chopping block with sunlight bouncing off white cabinets

Kitchen & Bathroom

Two things that aren’t going anywhere as the foundations of a comfortable home that meets our basic needs, are kitchen and bathroom.

I love to think of the kitchen as like a workshop, set it up right but you don’t need to give all the tools. Discarrding the conventional upper cupboards will create an illusion of having much more space, especially in buildings with higher ceilings. Coordinated dinnerware creates a curated and beautifully tidy kitchen, which is important if you can’t really escape seeing it. Or you could disguise the kitchen to the point that it just looks like cabinetry along a single wall if appliances can be tucked away.

ash wood textural image

Bonus Content


I hope you find these points interesting, I was thinking of making a video to sketch out some formations using a real studio flat here in Southampton.

Let me know if you’d be interested below! ♥

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