How To Achieve Pinterest-Worthy Interiors: Top 5 Scandi Accent Pieces on the High-Street Now

A mirror with a 110cm diameter is no joke.



This monster mirror will secure Scandinavian design is firmly stamped in your space. It doesn’t come with fixings for the wall so you’ll need to verify how solid your wall is and select accordingly. I managed to bag one of these instore for my sisters birthday, with some creative movement to get it a) onto a trolley, b) in the car. I’m only about 5″2, so now theres a memory attached, I’m more likely to remember my armspan is 1.1m.

The thing – well, one of them, is that this style is completely gender neutral. Solid wood textures bring a warmth and craftmanship into a room that make space for other voices to be heard. I like that in all these interiors, I get more of an impression of a person, their interests and investment, rather than trying too hard. The room I’m writing in right now is actually a man’s bedroom, but it’s similarly furnished with solid wood furniture. I think the thing with it is that is stands a test of time with a bit of care.

Sometimes it pays to consult H&M Home, Zara Home and other High-Street Retailers too

and your resident furby


Low Lounge Rattan Chair

These low chairs could be the last thing you need to pull the perfect mid-century come record-collector chic room together. But coming flat packed from a high street retailer, solid wood and a bargain price, they definitely won’t be in stock for long! Or it’d make a nice height for that little cat you definitely need to make a house a home.

Its’s not a shelf, it’s a Credenza

Swoon Editions SEVILLE: Acacia & Charcoal

For when it’s cousin the Shelf just isn’t the right choice. Credenzas can conceal all manner of clutter, to provide a mantle for the best looking things to take position on top. They work very well in multi-use rooms like kitchen diners, or open plan living areas and that harks back to their mid-centurion roots.

Styling by Karen Maj Kornum; Photo by Jonas Lundberg

Does Scandi Sound like You?

This style is a perfect way to create beautiful spaces, but have flexibility to say something about yourself too. Its eloquent, and I love that it’s completely gender unspecified.

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