How to Travel like a Pro; Sustaining Time, Wallet and the Planet

First. Scout, Scout, Scout ✈

Google Flights

If you want to save money, you have to do a little cyber-runnning! I formerly loved SkyScanner – you might have heard of it, but Google has a really nifty tool too! It factors in other comparison sites so you won’t miss anything, dont worry.

Flights lets you compare and check different airports to find the best price available for your trip. It works best if you have flexible dates, or you are a little savvy and look ahead of time to check the price isn’t shifting. It might sound like a lot of work, but it can cut your cost in half!

Go Fuss-Free

So now you’ve got your flights semi-sorted 👏🏼 Hand Luggage Conditions. Not all airlines have the same hand baggage conditions, they vary in weight and size, so you need to be on top of this when finalising your flights!

I’ve seen people turned away just before boarding because the wheels of their suitcase didn’t fit into the box, or another woman had too many bags… You won’t be one of those people! And remember you can only take 10 liquids per person up to 100ml each.

Get The App!

All airlines have a mobile app, you can download your boarding and track your flights in the palm of your hand. A lot of people fret over checking in, its not very mood inducing.

As 9/10 people are probably already carrying their phone in their hand, why not make it easier for yourself! You’ll also skip the check in queues, given you didn’t opt for hold luggage! All you need to hand is your phone and passport.

Backpack or Suitcase

I know everyone loves their mini suitcases, and yes they have their pro’s. You can pull it rather than carry it, they keep things from getting damaged, you think they hold more stuff… But do you really need all that stuff you’ve crammed in there? Have you got something, or are going to have, that could get broken without the hard shell of a suitcase? Scroll down for tips for less stuff!

I’ve honestly never travelled with a suitcase, I have a 40l backpack and that fits very easily into the stow. I’ve never rushed to get on or off the plane because I know my bag will fit fine somewhere. Don’t you hate that stress “Oh my god, I need to get on as soon as possible, my bag, my bag!”. The other bonus is bags have pockets if you need to reach anything easily without having to open your whole suitcase on the airport floor!

This is obviously down to personal preference, but if you can carry your bag, I would vote bag over suitcase every time.

On the Other Side

Save yourself some more money and the inevitable hassling at the airport by researching the options beforehand. I hate to think how much money people must lose by that initial currency and culture shock, and dive into the nearest taxi. A lot of the time there are nearby train stations or buses that can take you to the nearest towns. If you need to get further out, its probably not cheaper to get the airport taxi.

The other pro of this is experiencing the culture of the country, you’ll get a lot more of a feel for it on public transport! If you’re nervous about language barriers you’ll probably find you can pre-book your tickets online.

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