How To Travel like a Pro; The Packing Protégé – 3 Key Items for 6 Days in Greece

If you wanna be a smart traveller, you’re going to need some tips.

But – (yes there’s a but,) if you are going on an all-inclusive fashionista extravaganza, this might not be for you. However if you’re up for a bit of a challenge and want to know how to cut your costs then buckle up pal! I’ve got some recommendations for you.

How to Pack Less Stuff


I know what you’re thinking!

Nope, travelling light doesn’t mean sacrificing feeling fresh and clean.

But forget your entourage of bulky shoes!

This is Bootcamp.

3 Key Items for 6 days around Thessaloniki

Wild Natural Deodrant

I’ve been using deodrant balm for about 2 years now, and Native Unearthed was a firm favourite. However it’s difficult to get hold of and it’s kind of expensive.

The reason I suggest WILD specifically in this post is because it comes in an aluminium travel case, which is much more travel friendly than glass jars. Its also going to be 30° in Greece so the balm will definitely get a bit too soft to use with fingers!

They offer different subscriptions, scents and case colours so it’s completely customisable to you! The case and refills can also be bought separately, and you can cancel and renew your subsciption whenever you want to. I will be writing a post on Alternative Deodrants since I’ve seen some new ones around, but for now check them out below with my refer a friend, for 20% off friend.


  1. The first reason VIVO is cool, is because they carry vegan shoes
  2. They pioneer in engineered barefoot technology and foot health
  3. And they’ll squash up to fit very well into a backpack!

Enter the Code INNER AVENUE for 20% off!

This is a sustainably minded and lifestyle concept brand, they pioneer in outdoor wear and advocate the health benefits of barefoot. I’ve owned a pair of their Kasana trainers for 2 years now, I hiked in them in the south of France, before they brought out dedicated hiking boots like above. They are generally ideal for the inbetween City and Country lifestyle! And they’re so comfortable and versatile – you just have to get used to them if your feet a less accustomed to the ground as they have thin, flexible soles.

& Finally, About Your Bag…

I’ve bought a 12l Berghaus backpack to try out for this trip because I’m flying with RyanAir, but most cabin luggage has a limit of 56 x 45 x 25cm, aka a 40l backpack.

Buying a hand luggage size bag will help limit how much you take. I highly recommend Osprey bags for durability. Mine flew out of a trailer at 100kmph with a couple of scratches, (which they’ll repair under warranty) so thats verified! ☑

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