5 Ways to Sustain Style and DIY Rooms like an Interior Designer

One of my favourite pastimes on a rainy day, or just generally wanting a good excuse to stay at home is rearranging. Finding blogs on how to pull a room together usually amounts to a lot of accent stuff that looks pretty… and ends in expense. You don’t have to fork out to make your room look Pinterest worthy, I got you.


In my experience of beautifying corners, its about making the most of what you have and spreading it thin.

Think Marmite, or UK cloud, not everyone likes it thick.

Start Small.

Whichever room your tackling, sectioning and categorising space helps strategise. It all boils down to Individuality. If like me, you work with or occupy one room at a time, you’ll probably need to prioritise small spaces.

Where is your desk area? Where do you usually get ready in the morning? These are good places to have what I like to call a ‘happy corner’. If you’ve journeyed here from Pinterest you’ll already know how to categorise through Boards. You don’t have to plaster every corner of a room. In fact, it will look 10x more considered if it highlights certain areas. Trust me.

I bought this cupboard for £20 on Gumtree with Christmas 💸

Balance cost and value

Like Tattoos or Jewelery, decorating a room, for me, comes from stories linked to things you surround yourself with. And yes, you can still have sentimental value held in something without travelling halfway around the world to get it!

One way to get free wall art is…

Reusing greetings cards, framing treasured notes or assembling your favourite magazine cuttings! When we think of “sustainability”, it’s automatically brown paper bags and reviving your lettuce on the window sill. But what if sustainability could also include maintaining a sense of joy?


Varied levels and frames for your wall art not only creates visual interest, but helps to pull a room together to feel more complete without clutter! 📦

We don’t always have to frame photos to have something on the wall – I love getting cards. They often get taken for granted but they recite a message people you love have taken time to actually write. What better thing to lead your idle eyes to?

Lets Get Level

I love to scan through design journals, magazines and books. That aesthetic of sitting of the floor of a library, or a stack of books on a desk – you know what I’m getting at, I love to learn. Its so easy to copy other peoples style, but it’s much more confident to reflect u-se in your room. Everyones seen enough copies of Chanel on coffee tables. Rooms have such potential to be an incredible source of inspiration, if they’re directed at you or who you want to become.

I’ve discussed this before in Are your Coffee Table Books a Waste of Money? How to Invest in Defining the ‘You’ in your Space.

What do you care about and How do you feature it in your room? Comment!

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