Why Instagram is alike to a City Grid and a Plan to Direct it

Lets dive deep.


While you want your grid to look as slick as parquet floor, and read as a brand, you’ll also want it to carry an authentic visual narrative…


A lot like Urban Planning, you have the land but we need structure and strategy, which is why I like to think of Instagram as a little City.

Your grid is your wider profile, like a glance in the street. While scrolling over and through your posts, interaction weaves an intimacy with your content, voice, and brings value to your profile. You’ll want to have opportunity to collaborate so create prompts for discussions!

This curation of social media creates the ‘web’ 🕸

Curating Stories

I see an unspoken link between all of these images, hinting at the duality between seeing and posting.

Communicating your brand of telling stories and the link between things, doesn’t rely purely on a standard one way road. You can branch out using graphic design to emphasise the middle ground, with the junctions creating opportunity for discussion and reflection in the ‘hallway’ of your Instagram house. You’ll want to highlight the versatility of conversation, design and direction.

Choose a Theme

Your profile might work somewhat like a magazine, linking up to our more indepth writing here on WordPress. Working with themes will allow you to pull a common thread through a broader range of content without your overall theme getting lost.

While the grid will be our prime land – as Instagram lays out, highlights and live streams border the our garden with underground roots. One thing you definitely could do is to make it tactile like a book and engage people to interact.


This post is our take on Instagram, and trying to decipher it as an creative tool. This means knowing what I’m trying to say, who’s listening, and backing it up with an indepth destination.

Its a bit like a book – the front cover gets you, you open it up, maybe read a page or skip to the author and bio, and skim the back.

What is of value and interest to your ‘brand’? Let us know if this sparked your thinking, and how!

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